•  Susin Started to Manufacture Pneumatic Actuators from Series PS & PD 45 to 100

  •  Susin Started Manufacturing ITG Series Manual Gear Boxes

  • Susin started its operations in Qatar on September 2011 as Susin Qatar WLL


    If it is brought out items such as Bar, Plate, Disc or Square rod, the

    properties of the material will be inspected at Spectrometer at Our Foundry.


         If More stock available for machining, then products goes to conventional shop for stock removal.

          The products will be taken up for CNC machining after proof machining done in lathe.

    Once, castings or raw material taken up for machining, then it is tight production process take care.

    Each products will have master drawings and sub drawings, the number of sub drawings numbers depend upon  number of operation on that components.

    This each drawing will have operation detail & instruments to be used to inspect the critical dimensions

    In each stage operation critical dimensions are inspected and then only it goes for next operation.

    Proper Rust preventive oils will be used in between two operation to avoid any rust or corrosion.

    Final Inspection will be carried out by us based on the quantity proposition (%) after the ratio is accepted between us and the customer.

    The computerized inspection report will be forwarded with each shipment

    We use world well known rust & Corrosion preventive oils from Coretech from USA, which is VCI based oils

    We use VSC based Bag to Cover and preventive the same from the atmospheric Air

    All our packing are sea worth and we use only Steel & Corrugated boxes.