•  Susin Started to Manufacture Pneumatic Actuators from Series PS & PD 45 to 100

  •  Susin Started Manufacturing ITG Series Manual Gear Boxes

  • Susin started its operations in Qatar on September 2011 as Susin Qatar WLL

    We strongly feel that quality & product Improvement are a continues process
    Brief About product development
    Using our Base material production capacity in Ferrous & Non-ferrous metal (we can also out source other non-metal items such as Plastics & rubber) and fully equipped precision Machining & Forming facility will help us make components as per customer requirements.

    Once parts or components are mad as per the drawings the same will be going for assembly . We create a separate set-up for each products assembly if required

    Similarly testing facility for each assembly line will be created according to the fully Assembled product inspection requirements. We already have basic pressure testing facility in hydraulic and pneumatic.